The FRL Group in Ireland has specialized to aid and enable funding of profitable international trading activities and transactions.

Buying and Selling Commodities. With our help, you can turn your ideas and connections into real transactions. We are buyers and sellers of Agriculture & Mining products, Oil & Gas energy commodities and Gold Dore Bars and we assist qualified buyers and sellers with our Online Trade Platform. The CTI online platform acts as the best Broker and Facilitator for buyers and sellers of all major commodities and is dedicated to provide top-quality services to all users. The platform utilizes uncompromising ethical standards.

Commodity Trading Facilities. For established companies and qualified clients we avail Trade Finance to import and export on low cost credit with a tenor of up to 5 years. Our facility for business with Africa is the ideal solution for importers and exporters to access credit lines of up to 180 days while the exporter is paid instantly in cash. For transactions within Europe we can even avail transactions on a Joint Venture basis.

Credit Enhancement Instruments. We avail Credit Enhancement primarily through the emission of commercial Letters of Credit (DLC). If your own bank cannot help you, we act as applicant and have our banks issue your trade finance instruments for your credit enhancement. For this unique service, we have built up, and maintain relationships with specialized Merchant Banks, Financial Institutions, Financiers and a network of associated Senior Professionals in over twenty countries.

Since 1993

CommodityTrading.International trading in Europe and the world

Financial Instrument Services include the emission of DLCs, Advance and Repayment Bank Guarantees, Bonds for Tenders, Performance Bank Guarantee Bonds, Proof of Funds. We provide professional SWIFT services through our bank relations. Instruments arranged through the FRL Group have been successfully sent around the globe and generally are accepted by major world banks. The FRL Group avails its services against payment of a fee and for transactions within Europe also on a joint venture basis.

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Commodity Trading International

is a Brand owned and operated by the FRL Group Ireland

Irish companies of the FRL Group are incorporated at The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland
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