Generate a great income! Reserve your exclusive Marketing Territory right now! We build a network of Trade and Finance Partners around the globe. You can be a part of this! You might qualify to work with us as our Trade & Finance Partner in an exclusive assigned territory for direct and indirect income. Highly skilled and motivated entrepreneurs are able to generate a significant success oriented direct and indirect income within an exclusively assigned territory through their own activities, through our activities and the leads we provide within a territory and the activities of other partners who might find and work (with you) with clients within your territory. And this for years to come!

You will have exclusivity within the country or territory that we agree on. We will appoint only one Trade and Finance Partner in each country or territory.

Our working agreement guarantees you income from business generated within the agreed country or territory. At the same time, also you are not limited to only work within the exclusively assigned territory, but you can also be active and work globally with any of your potential clients anywhere. You will be able to generate and earn significant immediate income and build up repeating commissions.

To discover you income potential, request the link to download a specimen of our contractual agreement here:

Discover you income potential and request the link to download a specimen of our contractual agreement using the above form.

Partner with us - Reserve your exclusive territory right now! Send us your informal application.

If you have a first client ready and feel that you could qualify, please send your Application and CV to service(@)commoditytrading(.)international and provide this information (1) Country or Territory for which you like to apply (2) Your First Name (3) Your Family Name (4) Your Company name (if you own a company) (5) Your Physical Address (Street) (6) City State Zip (7) Your country of residence (8) Direct Phone Number (9) Your main Email account (10) Your Skype address, if you use skype (11) Name of the client you wish to introduce initially (12) Expected transaction of this potential client

All activities are backed by the strength of a global Network of Brokers

Through asociated banks, investors, financial institutions and commercial enterprises within the FRL Group we structure trade finance solutions and provide credit enhancement. Request.

The FRL Group runs several online platforms to support trading physical commodities and to support the allocation of products within Agriculture, Energy and the Metals and Mining sector. Participate.

The FRL Group has built up, and maintains relationships with a specialized network of associated Senior Professionals in over twenty countries to source and bring to market finished products and commodities.