Corona impact on procedures for trials
It is our intention to issue updates on the situation and its possible impact on our customers. These assessments will be based on careful consideration of the latest information from authoritative sources in what is a constantly changing situation.

• The plan announced by the European Union Commission is put into effect. The reality is that it is expected to last for a considerable period. This is that entry to all Schengen area countries will be seriously restricted. Only EU citizens will be permitted to enter and if they have come from a country where the virus has occurred then they will be forced to self-isolate. Visitors from other countries will almost certainly be refused entry within this period of time. The stated objective is to do everything possible to prevent further spread of the virus and at the same time make every effort to minimize pressure on the respective health care organizations within Europe.

• Our assessment is that it is also highly likely that visa applications made to German Embassies overseas are likely to be held in abeyance until there is some clarity re the spread of the virus.

• We have discussed the situation with the German Refinery. They have stated very clearly that they have no plans to close at any point nor do they see any reason why the German Authorities should seek to force them to do so.

• Obviously this has an extremely serious impact on those customers who had arranged to travel with their trial consignments, is in the process of making visa applications or was planning to travel to meet with us.

• The stated intention of ALL Government / European Commission Authorities is to maintain the flow of cargo worldwide. We have spoken to several of the freight forwarders that we are aware of who carry Precious Metals. All agree that they can maintain their services but have made the point that transportation may be slightly slower given that many airlines are canceling a significant proportion of flights on many routes. They are however maintaining a service.

• We cannot see that there is likely to be any impact on banking and the settlement process following smelt and assay. The objective will remain a same-day settlement subject to receiving the refinery report by 1200 hrs Midday. Reports received after this time will normally result in the settlement being effected on the next banking day.

• All contracts that have been executed will receive notices advising of flexibility reference any stated performance time frames.

Our recommendation to Customers involved in a trial consignments are that they seriously consider identifying a reputable freight forwarder to enable their consignment to be transported to the German Refinery. If they experience any difficulty please email us and we shall provide some suggestions to them. Alternatively, if they contact any local Cargo Office for Air France/ KLM, Emirates or Lufthansa these offices may well be willing to offer suggestions.

No one knows how long this situation is going to last. It is going to create serious difficulty for very many people.


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