GLD STANDARD BULLION (London) - Buy refined Gold GLD STANDARD BULLION accessing the London Procedure 1
For an outlook - let’s look back! During the financial crisis 2008, once investors understood the scope of central bank stimulus coming down the pike, they began buying gold. As a result price more than doubled from the initial lows that followed. Just look at the global financial crisis 10 years on the gold price rises 124% from €490 to €1,100, up over 100% in major currencies since financial crisis, up 100% in USD, 124% in EUR and surged 200% in GBP and it has outperformed equity, bonds and most assets. No wonder that investors turn to highly specialized London traders to get hold of Refined Gold GLD Standard Bullion now.

Available for sale in London are large quantities of GLD Standard Bullion on special terms. There are controlling Treaties and international agreements that govern the conduct of sale of this gold bullion. These Gold Bullion accords preclude the Seller from transacting with Buyers who are unable or unwilling to adhere to the terms, conditions and procedures stated herein.

Description of Product: GLD Standard Bullion
Format 12.5 KG Bars
Purity 999.9% or better
Hallmarks Internationally Accepted Hallmarks: Johnson Matthey (JM) London
Age Under: Less than 5 years old.
All products are officially registered with LBMA
Delivery FOB/CIF at buyers designed place
Origin North America
Quantity 1500 MT (One Thousand Five Hundred Metric Tons) with possible rolls and extensions until Seller’s inventory is exhausted.
First tranche Lift Buyer’s Choice
Storage Banks: Barclays Bank HSBC Bank Hang Seng Bank Limited& Other Banks not mentioned.
Location UK & Other Countries
Trade Status Freely liftable and tradable and fully exportable
All governmental clearances and approvals
No liens, charges or encumbrances
Export permits already issued in the name of Seller

The agreed purchase price is the quoted price in USD or EUR as set forth in the latest valid Second Fixing Rate (PM) issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on the Day-of-Transaction. In the event that the LBMA is not operating on that scheduled day, the price calculation used shall be based on second LBMA fixing of the next change to last Market opening day and per tranche.

12% Gross Discount
9% Net to Buyer

3.0% Commission:
As stated below:
1.5% to Seller’s side
1.5% to Buyer’s side opened.

Payment: All Payments by Clear, Clean Money of Non-Criminal Origin and By Swift/Wire Transfer Mt103 within Maximum Three (3) Banking Days.

Transport Documentation
Each delivery shall be accompanied by a Bill of Lading with all necessary documentation in accordance with international law, which includes:
Original Certificate of Deposit
Four (4) Copies of commercial Invoices in favor of Buyer
Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Legal Ownership
Internationally Accepted Assay Certificate
Certificate of Insurance
Export Permit – Export License
Bank Warranty of Delivery
Custom Duty Seller’s Certificate stating that the refined Bullions are free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and freely tradable and exportable each bar and is of no criminal origin
Warehouse Receipts
Certificate of Weight List describing each bar as follows:
Serial Number as stamped on each bar
Fineness as stamped on each bar
Raw Weight as stamped on each bar
Total Weight as stamped on each bar
Receipt of Custom Duties and Taxes
Packing list

London FOB Buying Procedure

The transaction is being performed as an "Off-Market, Private Transaction", managed exclusively within the banking system. The procedures are fully bank-compliant and have been approved by the Seller's Host Bank.

London FOB Buying Procedure

The procedures are, generally, as follows:
1) Buyer pays the Refundable Fee of £50,000 (Fifty thousand Great Britain Pounds), to get the Verification Authorization Certificate (VAC) from the banks where the gold is custodian (HANG SENG BANK LIMITED (HSBL)/RBS/BARCLAYS BANK/NATWEST BANK UK ETC and the sanctioned Private Security Warehouse at UK & Hong Kong).
2)Buyer pay the 50,000 Pounds VAC charges into the custodian Bank Bullion officer nominated bank account and sends the payment slip of the VAC to Seller and Seller sends it to the Bank Bullion Officer for his confirmation and preparation of the VAC in name of the Buyer, which after the gold bullion custodian Bank Bullion officer contact information will share to the buyer.
3)Seller instruct his Bank Bullion Officer to allow the buyer to verify the POP/SKR in advance, via bank to bank Swift MT600 Precious Metal Trade Confirmation and to enable the parties to arrange a "window time” for their respective Bank Officers to communicate and confirm POP/POF. And to organize the payment to the Seller by swift wire transfer or any other payment method agreed between Seller and Buyer.
4)The Buyer could attend at the Seller's Bank or security warehouse with his inspection team to inspect/assay the product.
5)The Parties' Bank Officers calculate the final purchase price and based under full banking scrutiny and vigilance or alternatively, at the Buyers' request, the Seller delivers the product to the Buyer’s nominated Word-Wide refinery for a final assay, calculate the payment amount according to assayed results, and before 72 hours, the Buyer will make payment for the entire gold bullion less the sum of the £50,000 paid for VAC.
6) The Commissions will be paid immediately and without delay to each appointed Paymaster or Beneficiary after each delivery and as per Terms and Conditions of the IMFPA

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