GLD STANDARD BULLION (Hong Kong) - Buy refined Gold GLD STANDARD BULLION in Hong Kong
During the financial crisis 2008, once investors understood the scope of central bank stimulus coming down the pike, they began buying gold. As a result price more than doubled from the initial lows that followed. Just look at the global financial crisis 10 years on the gold price rises 124% from €490 to €1,100, up over 100% in major currencies since financial crisis, up 100% in USD, 124% in EUR and surged 200% in GBP and it has outperformed equity, bonds and most assets. No wonder that investors turn to Refined Gold GLD Standard Bullion. The demand created opportunities for investors to buy large quantities of GLD Standard Bullion off market through private treaty in Hong Kong.

We are experienced bullion Sellers with a proven record of successful performance. We hold title of ownership to one of the largest stockpiles of GLD standard bullion on the market. Our product inventories are regularly replenished. We represent, with exclusive signatory authority, an alliance of Asia-Pacific countries and operate with full governmental and regulatory approval. Proceeds from bullion sales are used to provide economic development assistance to the Sovereign nations.

I am also a contracts lawyer by background and have an extensive knowledge of the secondary bullion market. A prolific writer, I have written numerous articles about the "off-market" bullion trade. We do not employ outside mandates. We specialize in "large-volume" sales to select "high-value" Buyers: Governments, Banks, Multinationals, Institutional Investors, Royal Family/Sovereign Affiliates, Purchasing Consortiums and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals who have the financial capability to purchase a minimum 200 MT Lift amount. I am pleased to provide our Hong Kong Bullion Portfolio, Executive Summary (Second Quarter, 2020) for your consideration.


We have revised our procedures to address the challenges presented by COVID-19. In light of widespread travel restrictions related to concerns about coronavirus - and mindful of the need to observe "social distancing" practices - closings can now be managed exclusively by the Parties' own Bank Officers on a "bank officer-to-bank officer" basis, without the Parties having to attend a Table Top Meeting in HSBC, Hong Kong. Note: Preference will be given to Buyers who hold their purchase funds in HSBC, Hong Kong, Main Office or HSBC, London, Headquarters Branch. Buyers who hold their purchase funds in other major world Banks will be considered on a "case-by-case" basis.

Compliant and cooperative Buyers only. Here's what Buyers need to know:

1) Transactions are managed exclusively within the banking system under full banking scrutiny and vigilance and subject to close regulatory scrutiny. The procedures are controlled by government agreements and are 100% Bank-approved and fully time-tested.
2) The bullion is sold with full Government Export Approval and Tax-Paid Clearance. The export permits have already been issued and will be confirmed by our Bank Officer during the Table Top Meeting inside HSBC, Hong Kong, Main Office.
3) Hong Kong is a world-renowned "free port" - the third largest free port in the world. There are no restrictions or customs duty on the export of gold bullion. We work closely with Brink's, Hong Kong and can facilitate introductions.
4) Buyers may attend at our security warehouse with their own certified (LBMA-approved) Assayers to assay the Lift amount or they may engage the Mobile Assayer Team from Metalor or Heraeus, the two LBMA-accredited refineries located in Hong Kong. The Refinery Assayers will attend on-site to conduct the final assay and issue a new GLD Certificate. We would pleased to introduce Buyers to the Senior Manager at Metalor.
5) Alternatively, we will move the initial Lift amount to Metalor refinery at our expense for a fresh assay/new GLD Certificate. Upon closing, Buyers may take delivery of the metal as pure GLD directly from refinery storage. Or we will return the newly assayed bars to our security warehouse and provide Buyers with the original Custodial SKR so that no one else may subsequently gain access to the bullion assets.
6) We can also arrange, at our expense, for HSBC, Hong Kong to collect the re-certified bullion directly from Metalor and transfer the product into the Bank's vault or outside bullion depository under HSBC's care, custody and control. Upon closing, Buyers will receive a new Bank SKR.
7) As well, after closing, we would be willing to deliver the Lift amount to the Free Trade Zone located at the Hong Kong International Airport to accommodate Buyers who intend to export the product. Or, if the Buyer plans to leave the goods in situ, we will provide Buyers with two-weeks free warehouse storage and insurance cover after purchase.
8) Settling payment is managed on "ledger-to-ledger" basis inside the Buyer's designated Payment Settlement Bank. This ensures the prompt and orderly transfer of funds/title transfer on closing, helps preserve confidentiality and avoids the prospect of international law disputes.
9) Buyers may nominate any major Bank in Hong Kong as their Payment Settlement Bank; we will oblige by opening a bank account in the Buyer's chosen Bank. Or we can, upon request, assist Buyers to open a bank account in HSBC, Hong Kong.
10) Western Buyers are welcome to utilize HSBC Bank, London, Head Office - a well-respected Bullion Bank in its own right - for settling payment. Similarly, Asian Buyers who prefer to maintain their funds in Mainland China may utilize Bank of China, Beijing.
11) We would also be pleased to include a Two Percent (2%) penalty clause for non-performance based on the purchase value of the Lift amount. Depending on Lift size, that's equates to a minimum $200 Million USD damages award payable to the Buyer, as agreed compensation, in the event that the Seller breaches the contract.

Here are the "stages" culminating in the final contract-signing:

1) Contract discussions
2) Parties to jointly sign Memorandum of Understanding
3) Seller to provide comprehensive Bullion Information Sheet to assist Buyer's due diligence efforts
4) Contract preparation, including required Exhibits
5) Contract-signing by Buyer and Seller

Buyers need to keep in mind the following prerequisites - these are non-negotiable considerations:

1) The minimum permissible Lift (or tranche) amount is 200 MT of product. That is a roughly $10 Billion USD (or equivalent) purchase, payable, in full, on Lift completion. Unfortunately, we cannot supply smaller Lift amounts. Cash funds only. No Bank Instruments. The discount is 8% gross / 6% net to the Buyer.
2) This being refined bullion - as opposed to raw gold or low-purity dore bars - we do not provide CIF terms of delivery. Bullion, after all, is typically sold FOB (Ex-Works) only. We do, though, offer four optional ways for the Buyer to assay the initial Lift amount prior to purchase and take delivery. And, of course, the product is freely exportable.
3) Given the nature and sensitivity of these large-scale transactions, we do not, as a matter of prudent policy, require advance Proof of Funds from interested Buyers. Equally, for the same reason, we do not provide advance Proof of Product upon demand. Proof of Product is confirmable on a "bank-to-bank" basis once contracts have been lodged at the Bank and the Buyer has cleared bank compliance. This ensures that only Bank-qualified Buyers who are "ready, willing and able" to fulfill the contract gain access to the Seller's confidential product information, and that the Seller's private data does not fall into the wrong hands - not into the hands of "bad actors" or non-qualified Buyers or "time-wasters".
4) We require that Buyers follow the Seller's procedures. Not the Buyer's procedures. Otherwise, unfortunately, we are unable to supply product to the Buyer. Not because the Seller's procedures are necessarily superior; they may not be. But because this is essentially a multi-government offering; there are controlling Sovereign agreements in place that dictate the conduct of sale and preclude us from transacting with Buyers who are unable or unwilling to comply with the procedures as presented.

Note: Our preference is to work with knowledgeable and responsible Buyers only who have the discipline and focus to undertake and complete a large-scale, bank-managed, government-affiliated transaction and do so in an orderly, timely and capable manner. For the smooth conduct of the transaction, Buyers are encouraged to utilize competent legal counsel.

If the Buyer is interested in discussing our offer further, I would be pleased to speak with the Buyer or his Legal Mandate/Representative or Legal Counsel. Thereafter, assuming the Buyer wishes to proceed, I will provide the Buyer with a signed/sealed Letter of Offer + the draft contract(s) for his review.

We can proceed in one of two ways:
1) You can provide me with the coordinates for the Buyer or his Legal Mandate/Legal Counsel and I will contact the Party directly; or
2) We can conduct a group conference call together. Everyone is welcome on the call.

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