Generate a great income! We work together with a great team and an elite of Trade and Finance Partner on an income sharing basis. Since each transaction is different, the FRL Group will generally split every dollar earned in a transaction that you introduce with you on a 50:50 basis. Once you will present your first client transaction, we sign a Trade and Finance Partner Agreement with you which will assure you of all immediate and future commission. This is for any authorized partner working with us on trade finance and physical commodity trading. Apply to be authorized Trade and Finance Partner if you want to avail our financial and commercial services to your clients. Once you present a first transaction involving issuing of a trade finance instrument for credit enhancement, or trading of merchandize or physical commodities, you are given the chance to join our Network.

Network of Brokers v2

Once you are ready to present a first transaction, download and complete the Trade and Finance Partner Agreement. Please do not forget to add your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) which is required for KYC purposes and to issue an Appointment Letter. Presentation of a first transaction is required to join the Network. You can download a draft of the agreement HERE.

All activities are backed by the strength of a global Network of Brokers

CommodityTrading.International trade finance

Trade Finance

Through asociated banks, investors, financial institutions and commercial enterprises within the FRL Group we structure trade finance solutions and provide credit enhancement. Request.

CommodityTrading.International trading physical commodities


The FRL Group runs several online platforms to support trading physical commodities and to support the allocation of products within Agriculture, Energy and the Metals and Mining sector. Participate.

CommodityTrading.International Global Network

Global Network

The FRL Group has built up, and maintains relationships with a specialized network of associated Senior Professionals in over twenty countries to source and bring to market finished products and commodities.