Soft Corporate Offers

Very shortly you will find here our proven Soft Corporate Offers for commodities that will instantly be available. We have implemented administrative changes in the process of handling our offers and in dealing with requests from brokers and clients for commodities. We only deal with proven commodity providers and our services are available to qualified clients only.

If you are a Seller

We list proven Soft Corporate Offers for Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Mining products on our website for everybody to download. For listed offers we have received evidence of the potential to perform and deliver.

If you want to become a commodity provider for Mining & Mineral and Agricultural Products, Oil and Gas and Gold Dore and similar transactions, then you will have to

If you are a potential Buyer

We start a buyer’s file once we received

  • a valid Letter of Intent is submitted by a broker if issued by the end buyer,
  • evidencing financial capacity to engage into a relevant transaction.

Also if you seek a commodity that is not listed on our platform, then we can source the product for you:

  • if you provide full specifications of the commodity that you seek and
  • your target price,
  • provide a most complete Letter of Intent directly issued by the end buyer,
  • together with some sort of convincing evidence of the client’s financial capacity to conduct the transaction.

 Annual Contracts

  • On annual contracts, you will have to provide evidence of the capacity to arrange and provide the Standby Letter of Credit to guarantee an annual contract. We need to receive evidence that such an SBLC will be issued for you by a top 50 World Bank and the issuing bank will have to be identified. Without this, we cannot negotiate a transaction or start a file.

And you will have to provide the relevant and duly completed qualification form which you can download right here:

    You may not expect a reply if your presentation is not professional and most complete including evidence of financial capacity to buy, or proof of Seller performance if you want to sell to us, or use our platform. This frees up time to provide the best possible serve to valid customers obviously and helps us to devote more time to genuine deals and engage into a meaningful dialogue with serious buyers who deserve our utmost attention.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our helpdesk in Dublin +353.1.5137507 or Skype listen4greatnews

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