The FRL Group has specialized to aid and enable funding of profitable international trading activities and transactions through credit enhancement and JV, joint venture. With our help, you can turn your ideas and connections into real transactions. We avail trade finance primarily through the emission of commercial Letters of Credit (DLC). If your own bank cannot help you, we act as applicant and have our banks issue your trade finance instruments for your credit enhancement. We have built up, and maintain relationships with specialized Merchant Banks, Financial Institutions, Financiers and a network of associated Senior Professionals in over twenty countries.

Strength and Activities

Through asociated banks, investors, financial institutions and commercial enterprises within the FRL Group we structure trade finance solutions and provide credit enhancement. Request.

The FRL Group runs several online platforms to support trading physical commodities and to support the allocation of products within Agriculture, Energy and the Metals and Mining sector. Participate.

The FRL Group has built up, and maintains relationships with a specialized network of associated Senior Professionals in over twenty countries to source and bring to market finished products and commodities. Join.