TRADEFINANCE2020 – Now fuelling trade around the globe!

Through the financial strength and resources now available, starting January 2020 we introduce new trade finance facilities for qualified companies, financing any legal cross border transaction between selective countries. See the country list HERE. TRADEFINANCE2020 enables exporters to grant credit facilities to their importers/buyers of up to 5 years, and still receive the immediate Non Recourse payment upon executed shipment.

An exporter can sell his products with a typical payment tenor of 180 to 365 days. The exporter can get paid right after shipment while the importer pays within the agreed period of time.

For the TRADEFINANCE2020 facility to work, it has to be backed up by a financial guarantee, usually a documentary letter of credit issued by the buyer’s bank.

Low cost finance for solid clients and good banks.
The Importer will have to be able to issue a L/C or DLC through his own bank.
The Importer’s bank has to be a good bank, but does not have to be top Tier.
Exporter and Importer have to have an established solid business track record and be able to evidence significant trading activities and audited statements for at least the past 3 years.

Potential clients eligible for TRADEFINANCE2020 are export-oriented companies that can be supported by non-recourse funding of the contract value of their exports. Our trade finance experts are able to tailor export and also import solutions to help clients manage their liquidity and hedge country and counterparty risks.

TRADEFINANCE2020 does not only offer a low cost alternative to banks, but also to open up superior solutions that banks cannot avail. Sometimes transactions involve country risks to Emerging Markets that banks are not usually prepared to take. See the latest summary and details of the countries for which TRADEFINANCE2020 is available HERE

We understand that your commercial negotiations are often very fast moving. This is why we aim to structure an immediate and financially well engineered product. For us to provide you with a workable solution for your export transaction, start the process by completing our Initial Evaluation Form which you can download HERE.

We can arrange either the discounting or the confirmation of a contract. In an export scenario, we expect the importer to guarantee the transaction through a financial guarantee issued by the importers bank.

The facility can also consider adding silent confirmation to unconfirmed letters of credit which can be a cost effective alternative to credit insurance. Please contact us to discuss indicative terms for your current and future business requirements.

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